Kars + Boom Puzzle 'Night'

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Tempi di consegna: Expected November: pre-order now!

The colourful wooden design puzzles by Studio Kars + Boom (Kevin Kars & Cynthia Boom) are showing all kinds of little stories. The playful illustrations connect to the real world and behind every puzzle piece is something to be discovered. 

Launch a rocket, put out the fire in the building or dig up a dinosaur, or just play with the boats, the cars, the farm or the cow in space…..

There are two puzzles ('Day' and 'Night') and if you put them next to each other, they form a panorama. The puzzles come with two stands so you can put them on display in your interior. 

Dimensions: A3, 42 x 30 x 1 cm

Pre-order now!! Expected: november 2019


Photo: prototype. 

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